The Actor's Playdate - adult theatre-play workshops


"I went to two of the Actor's Playdates workshops and am hungry for more!"


"I loved Jo's facilitation style and how all the exercises really built on each other."


"It felt very inclusive as a space."


"It's nice to see people come out of their shell In ways you wouldn't expect."


"Our imagination is embraced in the room with no judgement."


"Its like going to a workout class but for your imagination."



Body of Sound series with Igne Barkauskaite and Lucy Hannam


"The exercises were given in a way that weaved both voice and body together."


"My intentions began to relate more to the shape of my body, which I think Is vital in performing."


"I feel like I've come away with many techniques for both the voice and body movement."



Lecoq Series with Igne Barkauskaite


"Igne is an incredible workshop leader!"


"Very inclusive and great opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds/ages."


"I loved your attitude towards sharing, exchange and connecting."


"I really love Up the Ante's ethos and think the company has a great spirit about it."



We have also provided workshops for those lacking in confidence to perform, free acting workshops and open rehearsals with company actors.