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We provide fun, informative workshops that have a supportive and encouraging environment. They are open to participants from all backgrounds and levels of experience.


Past workshops have included our Lecoq series with Igne Barkauskaite from Bristol Physical Theatre Project and The Actor's Playdate: Playful theatre & games for adults.



We provide open rehearsals to work alongside our actors, widening opportunities for participation.


These sessions provide an opportunity for actors working outside of the company to participate in our devising process and benefit from our playful approach without having to commit to a specific outcome.


"Very inclusive."

"I loved your attitude towards sharing, exchange and connecting."

"I think the company has a great spirit about it."

"Incredible facilitator."


- Participant feedback








From our playful, curious approach, questions naturally arise; how can we incorporate shadows, how can we work with soil? What happens if the actor's can't see when they're moving around? Where are the lines of division between theatre and other art forms, such as dance? This questioning drives our research.


In the past we have worked with a number of theatre practitioners and artists, including filmmakers, composers and animators. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with both creative and non-creative people, and find new forms to create and explore performance.


Do get in touch to find out how to get involved!