Now booking for Term 1 of our Actor's Playdate workshops.


"The Actor's Playdate is a chance for grown adult performers to play, explore, and recharge their imaginations. The playdate will give everyone the opportunity to build their confidence in a much-needed safe space, far away from the pressures of daily life and the grind of your workload. Play is vital to the actor. Play in the body, a light-heart, and a positive determination. The passion for what you do can dwindle when our workloads build, and egos take a serious dent from the roller-coaster nature of this industry. You might be an experienced actor. You might be feeling a tad rusty. You might be entirely new and wanting to just try it out. All are welcome here, to interact and learn from one another. Take this time to meet, laugh, and build great work with us every week. To play is not to waste time. To play is to reconnect with the joy we have for what we do. The relaxed actor is not slacking, but ready. The Actor's Playdate: Term 1 (Laugh and recharge) is held every Wednesday from 3-4pm at Wilder Studios. Drop-ins are always welcome. Student rates are available. Come see what all the fuss is about."

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The workshop was great. Incredible workshop leader! It was a well structured class and really enjoyable.



A fantastic opportunity for me to continue my training/exploration and connect with other artists in the city. I came out feeling very creatively refreshed. It was brilliant!



A very open and welcoming atmosphere. I enjoyed being there and taking part. I loved

your attitude towards sharing, exchange and connecting.