Audience feedback, Intersect with Irrational Behaviour:


Very creative and original. Excellent use of media scenes. Brilliant acting also. Really enjoyed it!


Very professional production. Excellent conceptualisation. Well done!


Very good.


Lots of great ideas. Visually stimulating... Brilliant!


Amazing acting & very funny.


Stunning animation!!


Very atmospheric and professional! Well done!


Very thought provoking. Great!


Great - loved the use of back projection. Very imaginative, certainly makes you think about LIFE, THE UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING! Thank you.


Awesome use of soil!!


A wonderful production.






Beautiful application of physical theatre to tell the story! Thank you.


I am speechless to be honest... An FILLED with questions about my existence - LOVED IT!

Very thought provoking and meditative.




Very thought provoking. I liked the changes in pace, the contrast between different 'states' of being and the depiction of a growing awareness of place in the world and looking beyond the surface. Wonderfun effects with the reflections and big screen. I particularly liked that there was a willingness to slow things down and give time for reflection.


We love the music! Super acting!


Really enjoyed it! Loved the work with the screens.


Really loved it, had me questioning my existence, I had a slight existential crisis but I'm OK now... Phew! Keep doing what you're doing, it's mesmerising.


I went to two of the Actor's Playdates workshops and am hungry for more! They were such gentle and fun sessions. I loved Jo's facilitation style and how all the exercises really built on each other and created such different feelings in myself and the group. It felt very inclusive as a space.

Clare. Actor's Playdate Session.


I really enjoy coming to these playdates. You bring a really engaging yet relaxed and safe environment and it really helps as there are people from all different backgrounds. It's nice to see people come out of their shell In ways you wouldn't expect. The games are great for that as they are clearly explained and may seem easy but you can't help but get involved and be as silly as you want with it. Our imagination is embraced in the room with no judgement, and you always reassure us that there's no right or wrong answer to this. Its like going to a workout class but for your imagination, you're a bit anxious at first because you might not reach your goal but when you come out you feel great about yourself.

Alice. Actor's Playdate Session.


This is the third workshop I have attended with Up The Ante and I always enjoy them. I find the workshops informative, relaxed and a wonderful space is created that encourages you to explore and have a go. I always look forward to finding out what the next workshop will be and hopefully be able to attend.

Alice. The Body of Sound: Movement and Voice Workshop.


I felt the exercises were given in a way that weaved both voice and body together. My intentions began to relate more to the shape of my body, which I think Is vital in performing. Thank you to the hard working staff, and I'd definitely recommend this workshop.

Reece. The Body of Sound: Movement and Voice Workshop.


This was the first workshop I've attended and it was brilliant. The warm up exercises and games were engaging and precise. The atmosphere was really friendly and if I had any questions or comments I felt comfortable enough to voice them. I feel like I've come away with many techniques for both the voice and body movement.

Michaela. The Body of Sound: Movement and Voice Workshop.


I have attended several of Up the Ante's workshops, and have learned so much from each one. I always looked forward to them, as every session has been so varied. Igne really makes us think, but also sets up the space so that it is very accessible,natural and fun to do so. She was very inclusive, and got us all interested in the work. I have particularly enjoyed her approach to working with text; approaching text from a "physical" point of view. The vibe of all of them have been great, and I love the ethos of the company. I'd definitely recommend it!

Cat. Lecoq Short Course.


The workshop was great. Igne is an incredible workshop leader! I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and hope to come back. I'd never done much physical theatre work before but it was a well structured class and really enjoyable. Thanks.

Meg. Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


Really enjoyed the Lecoq workshop. Good atmosphere and Igne set the tone perfectly. Very inclusive and great opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds/ages Would definitely come to another one. I think this would have worked well as a full day workshop, such was the enthusiasm for learning.

Liz. Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


You created a very open and welcoming atmosphere. I enjoyed being there and taking part. Thank you! I loved your attitude towards sharing, exchange and connecting. Good luck for the future!

Vreni., Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


A very enjoyable workshop with a good structure. I liked that there were moments of working with the teacher and other moments of devising in groups. I really love Up the Ante's ethos and think the company has a great spirit about it. I felt very welcome and like I could express myself. Thank you again!

Sophie. Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


The workshop is been very good. The teacher was very clear with the instructions and also clear explaining the meaning of each exercise. I really enjoyed a lot and I would like to do it again. Thank you very much. Best wishes.

Maria. Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


Very good workshop. Clear instructions. Interesting activities concentrated on collaborative work and physical theatre which I like very much. I especially liked the activity in groups in which we were to find the way to portray or express one of the chosen paintings. I found this workshop very useful for developing my skills. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to another one.

Iwona. Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


I really enjoyed the workshop, got me back into theatre and workshops. It was also good to meet and connect with other creatives in Bristol. I made a friend in the first workshop who I am now hoping to collaborate with on our own projects. The content of the workshops was very good, I learnt a lot and felt the space that was created was a safe place for exploring and having a go. I didn't ever feel self conscious which was a great feeling. Would love to attend again if possible. Was great to learn and make connections.

Alice. Colour, Emotion, Space Workshop.


I really enjoyed the warm-up and games used to bring the group together and how I never felt pressured into doing any of the activities or worried that I might get told off if I'd misunderstood the instructions. Overall I felt very welcomed and safe within the group even though we didn't all know each other or had experience of working together before and I really enjoyed the teaching and exercises set by Igne. I left very happy and inspired. Really hope to be able to attend another one soon.

Linda. Lecoq Workshop.


Engaging and thought provoking as well as developing skills that will assist in creating performance. I really value the physical aspect of acting, too often acting is performed cerebrally. The trainer Igne was excellent and made sure we all got involved. I think the number of people who attended was also about right. Was it of a standard that I expected? Yes and more so.

Shekhar. Lecoq Workshop.


I really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely like to attend another one. As someone who has recently finished their drama school training in Liverpool, this was a fantastic opportunity for me to continue my training/exploration and connect with other artists in the city of Bristol where I am now basing myself. It was extremely refreshing and I felt very welcome, even though some people knew each other already and I didn't know anyone initially. I am very excited for Up the Ante's future. I would have liked the workshop to be longer, it really pleasantly surprised me and I came out feeling very creatively refreshed. It was brilliant!

Sophie. Lecoq Workshop.


Really enjoyed the second workshop done with Igne. Great to have access to her knowledge and insight to better inform my process as an actor. Look forward to the next.

Tabitha. Lecoq Workshop.


It was fun, the people seemed friendly and welcoming and I thought it was well facilitated.

Saorla. Lecoq Workshop.


This was a repetition and expansion of a previous workshop run by Igne. Igne's workshop was very engaging, physically demanding and thought-provoking. I particularly liked the activity of passing the book back and forth along the line of 7 occupied chairs raising and then lowering the levels of happiness and sadness. Igne is an attentive, fun and passionate teacher.

Jon. Lecoq Workshop.


 This was a wonderful play that I was really proud to have participated in a very small way. It was an emotional play that resonated in me and in my life choices! It was immense!

Maria. Auguste and the Moon.


I think you've managed to achieve a really good standard! The show was challenging, intriguing, captivating and very emotional at the end. Well done team.

Caterina. Auguste and the Moon.


Delightful! Earl was bought to life so well, I wanted to take him home!

Kate. That's Just Earl.


A thought-provoking and fascinating piece to watch... A thoroughly enjoyable evening!

Emma. That's Just Earl.


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